Sangita, head of Penn Urimai – an NGO for downtrodden, homeless and abused women – was not always this successful and confident... Born and brought up in the city of Madras and widowed at just twenty, Sangita builds an iron wall around herself till she meets Gautam who makes her aware of her sensuousness and charms. But Sangita not only has to fight her family’s orthodox and outdated rules, but also her own inhibitions and hesitations before she can walk into the future with her blue-eyed lover. Will Gautam be able to solve Sangita’s dilemma or will she be forever trapped in her past?


"A heartwarming tale of a woman who rises from the ashes of a torturous marriage to recreate her life and reclaim her self-respect. A heroine to cheer for, a hero to die for, and a story that races along to a delicious conclusion… Kudos to Sundari Venkatraman for her success in blending social relevance with a riveting tale of love and hope."

Usha Narayanan

"Sundari's romances have always page turners for me and The Madras Affair didn't disappoint either. Gautam is the ideal hot hero that any girl might want to bump into and Sangita is one lucky girl! While the romance scores big time, Sundari also brings the inherent conservative nature of the city and its people to the forefront. Overall it was a great read! Go for it."

Sumeetha Manikandan

"Pleasantly unputdownable. :)

It is the kind of story which gives you hope and reaffirms that there is a lot of good in our world, second chances do exist, and love does conquer all. Sundari has come up with a great concoction for a sizzling romance, and I am happy to say that it was pleasantly unputdownable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves to read romance.  This is the first Indian romance that I read which has such a strong social theme running parallel to the love story, and I quite liked the way it was incorporated in the plot. It makes you think about these issues in a very different light, because it catches you off guard and is more personal in a way. 

Shantala Nayak

"The Madras Affair by Sundari Venkatraman is an entertaining but mature love story, written fluently that I finished it in one sitting by 1am in the night or morning, whatever. The novel addresses the deep-rooted outdated and regressive customs still prevalent in India for widows and remarriage. Though the perception and outlook is changing bit by bit, it still is a kind of a disease in some parts of the country."

Ruchi Singh 

"Sundari has dealt with sensitive topics like marital rape and widow remarriage with elegance in this novel. I loved the way she described Sangita's dilemma, her mother's views which represents the orthodox society in general and Gautam's views. It was a perfect combination of realistic tale and romance.
When the story started with a happy ending, I had my doubts as to whether it will be an engaging read with the ending already revealed. But I must say, Sundari has yet again succeeded in writing a page turner!"

Swati Shenoy

"Every story of Ms. Venkatraman has a touch of reality. Feminism is subtle. Some might protest even at the lack of overt feminism. But it’s there. It’s not the kind where a woman can blatantly stand against a man, or demonstrates feminism holding a placard. It’s more subtle, more deep, more real. Sangita is an ordinary girl who becomes extraordinary due to her circumstances."

Global Asian Times

"Among thousands of romance books that revolve around love and its kin, there is rarely a book that targets social evil and comes out as a winner and The Madras Affair is one such book."

Rohan Kachalia, Blogger & Book Reviewer