Crafting Books

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

–Neil Gaiman

We create dreams for you through the stories that our authors tell. They take you to a whole new world with their unique perspectives, emotions and reflections. Come, share our world, know our authors and read our books! Be a Readomaniac!



Cabbing All The Way
The Dove's Lament
That's News To Me!
Defiant Dreams - Tales Of Everyday Divas
Chroniles Of Urban Nomads
The Curse Of Nalanda
Crossed & Knotted
When They Spoke
A Thousand Unspoken Words
The Lively Library & An Unlikely Romance
Confessions On An Island
In The Light Of Darkness
Shadow In The Mirror
Turtle Dove
Mock, Stalk & Quarrel
In Search Of Ram Rajya
Birds Of Prey
A Window To Her Dreams
Onaatah Of The Earth
Museum Of Memories
Cantilevered Tales
Revelations Of An Imperfect Life
Yudhisthira - The Unfallen Pandava
The Colours Of Passion
Some Mad Poems Some Sad Poems Some Bad Poems And A Short Story In Verse
The Doodler Of Dimashq
The Woman Who Saw The Future
House Of Discord
Staring At The Square Moon
Out With Lanterns
Good Motoring
Centre Court
Braybucks Goes To Sniffer Academy
Twilight's Children
When Padma Bani Paula
To Hell And Back
The Boy Who Loved Trains
Kailash Manasarovar
Revolt of The Lamebren
The Legend of Genghis Khan: Untold Story of the Conqueror
Pornistan: How to survive the Porn epidemic in India
Kanha to Krishna: The Journey to Divinity
The Assassination of Rajat Gandy
House of Doctors: The Inside Story of a Medical School
From Another Land
Lost and Found in Banaras
Who Stole My Memories?
The Anatomy of Choice
The Siege of Cricket


About Us

Good stories make you think, feel and emote. They create an impact. And we, at Readomania, publish good, impactful stories. This is what we are - an initiative that nurtures reading and writing.

Today, the world is going through a transformation, one that is socially driven, economically empowered and sometimes, politically motivated. Such is the impact of this transformation that the normal person on the street is running helter-skelter to make some sense out of the chaos around him. Lives have become fast and furious, ambitions run high, time flies by and we are left panting…

Reading can be a solace, a medium to cool down, reflect and get a fresh breath of air.

India has traditionally been the land of storytellers and a lot of us have an inherent skill to create riveting plots, good stories and effective narrations. Our intent is to bring out as many stories as possible, for the reader to enjoy, to learn, to experience and to draw perspectives from.

An independent publishing house with interests in fiction as well as non-fiction, Readomania is young, full of ideas and excited about the work we are doing.

Our organization is based on trust, mutual respect, and being humane. We value our relationships with authors, artists, distributors, retailers and readers and want to build a sustainable literary business.

Come join us in this dream to create a whole new world of literature…Take a break, read something nice and write something beautiful. Be a Readomaniac!