Alisha Kirpalani

Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani lives in Mumbai along with her husband, two daughters, one cat and over a hundred board games. Her journey with words started after she won a creative writing contest in college, an undisclosed number of decades ago. This was followed by a degree in English Literature, a short stint as a reporter and later as a copywriter. After a career change to wife and mother, she kept the flame alive as a freelance feature writer and a secret fiction writer. She reignited her passion to be a published author when her micro fiction on Twitter and her blog on medium received an extremely positive response. She won the micro fiction contest hosted by medium’s online publication, the Coffeelicious. This was followed by being declared a top writer in Feminism on medium. Her e-Book of short stories, A Smattering of Darkness— Short and Shorter Twisted Tales, a collection of short stories encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche, was launched in December 2015, as an experiment to introduce her writing to the reading world. It was in the top 10 of Amazon’s bestsellers on release and this short anthology receives high ratings and reviews to date.