Tanushree Ghosh

Tanushree Ghosh currently works at The Intel Corporation in The US, managing a senior team in supply chain. She has a Doctorate in Chemistry from The Cornell University, is an alumni of IIT Kanpur and The Presidency College Calcutta and is also a social activist and writer. Her blog posts, op-eds, poems and stories are an effort to provoke thoughts, especially towards issues concerning women and social justice. She has been a regular contributor for The Huffington Post US and has published several posts on topics that affect The under-represented and lesser privileged, whether that’s a population, a nation, or an individual. She is a frequent contributor to several popular media and e-zines (including The Logical Indian, Youth Ki Awaaz, The Women’s Web) and is a regular contributor for Café Dissensus everyday with her own segment called Black Light (satiric short fiction on social causes). Her literary resume also includes poems and stories featured in national and international magazines (including Words Pauses and Noises, UK; TUCK, Glimmer Train honourable mention) and inclusion in seven anthologies (through winning national and international contests) including Defiant Dreams (Oprah 2016 reading list placeholder) and The Best Asian Short Stories 2017 (published out of Singapore by Kitaab). Long before she started writing, Tanushree started activism. She has held different leadership roles in ASHA and AID India chapters in The US and has affiliations with several women’s organisations. She is also The founder and director of Her Rights (www.herrights.website), a 501(3) c non-profit committed to furthering The cause of gender equality and supporting victims of gender violence. She has served on several leadership panels (both corporate and non-profit) and is often an invited speaker or panellist speaking on gender roles, advancement in workplace for women, navigating biases and cultures and resilience through pursuing inner causes.