Twelve people agree to an idea of running a shared transport service from a common residential locality to their out-of-civilisation office campus. Twelve different minds with equally diverse personalities gel with each other to fulfil a common need. At first, the members collide on mutual interests, timings, priorities and personal discipline, but in the course of their journey, they become best friends, make long-lasting relationships, mentor and help each other on various mundane matters. The journey goes on fine until one day some members try to dictate terms over the group. The rift widens with each passing day, the tension surmounts and finally all hell breaks loose… Will the journey continue? Fasten your seatbelts for the journey is about to begin...


“This book is a perfect read with witty one liners and loads of lessons on life to take back to along with the story. It can be easily compared with One night in call centre and if you loved that book you will love reading this one too. This talks about the beauty of life in its ugliness due to the chaos created by us. I would strongly recommend this book to each and every reading enthusiast. It is a very light read. A must have to add some laughter to your life at any moment.”

 - Privy Trifles