Crossed & Knotted is India’s first Composite Novel. A composite novel is a miraculous feat of storytelling, where multiple authors come together to create a storyline. It is a novel whose chapters are in distinct shades of vibgyor arranged to create the magnificent rainbow. Each chapter can stand alone as a short story, yet all of them are arranged and specifically composed to create a complete novel with a beginning, middle and an end. When the story-chapters are read as a whole, the tension between the ideas of the individual stories and the conflict between opposing thoughts become clearly apparent. Through it all the protagonists evolve, affected by the passage of time and new events unraveled by each story.


"Words have been woven into and across webs, growing tall as mountains, traversing divergent terrains, avoiding snarling traffic, merging cultures, crossing into each other, evoking senses of fear, thrill, affection, loathsomeness and love, to finally form a big knot; a knot crossed and knotted enough to be termed Crossed & Knotted."

- The Winged Post


"The unmistakable appeal of the book lies in its smooth dexterity in the way the stories weave in and out, connecting one narrative to the other with a distinctive flavor of storytelling of each individual author. As we journey through the pages, we see how each and every individual author follows the mammoth task of taking cues from the previous story and adds a narrative of his/her own with a unique dimension to it. In this exciting and unforgettable roller-coaster journey, readers are amazed to explore the revelations and suspense unfolding in various layers of each individual story. A story ends and the next one begins. The process of tying the individual stories becomes an even more intriguing and complex task for the writers due to the challenging diversity of the settings, spanning cities, countries and continents, and the vast expanse of the timeline as the characters grow from infants to adults and older."

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"The ideas and efforts that have gone into the making of this book is “Wow!” The twists and turns as well as the climax are interesting."

Geeta Vij
Book Reviewer & Blogger
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