A journey through the political history of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh sends 80 MPs to the Lok Sabha, giving it more say in national affairs than any other state. No less than eight of its politicians became prime ministers of our country, as if leadership was in the very air they breathed. The state stands at the brink of breaking its shackles of communalism and casteism. To get there, it must understand its own political history, evaluate its present leadership and vote for a better future. In search of Ram Rajya is a political history of Uttar Pradesh that has never been attempted before, certainly not by historians. Crafted through a mix of academic research and ground reportage, this book brings alive the colourful characters who shaped its psyche and takes a non-partisan look at the events in the state for the last six centuries. It is an eye-opener that can change the way we discuss politics in the 21st century – far beyond caste calculations, dynastic ambitions and family feuds.