The Dove’s Lament is a journey that takes you around the world, bringing to life the human side of conflicts that tear people apart. From the genocide in Rwanda, to war-stricken Bosnia, from child marriages in India to prostitution and drug trafficking in Colombia, these stories traverse a microcosm of reality. Be it the manifestation of Bacha Baazi in Afghanistan, or the fight for paradise on Earth, Kashmir, the repertoire of stories lend a soul to what otherwise remain a muddle of news reports and statistics. Through these stories, Kirthi embroiders a tapestry of the unvanquished human spirit in varied shades, and shakes you up to the reality that surrounds you. Each story is accompanied with a non-fiction essay that gives the background of the conflict that sets the background of the story.


"A perfect piece of fact, fiction, research and journalism all bundled in one, the book had me floored. It is a must read for not only the Angels but the Demons too. Who knows, the book may shake-up at least a few of them and inspire them to shed violence and oppression. If so, the Dove’s hope for all-around peace may come true and the human- race may see better days."

Geeta Vij, Blogger and Book Reviewer

"This book will serve as a primer in understanding the man-made conflicts across the world. It will move you. There will be a tear in eye and lump in your throat as you will read these sad stories. They will make you realize how fortunate you are. The author has succeeded in crafting the stories around these heart wrenching conflicts."

Mahesh Sowani, Blogger and Book Reviewer

The Dove’s Lament’ becomes an attempt at understanding, apart from unearthing, newer truths in a world ridden with conflict. And all of this is done in a voice so mature and profound that it belies the author’s age. A must read collection of stories, especially for those who like faithful representations of reality, no matter how bleak, put together in a well-written literary book.

Sakshi Nanda, Blogger and Book Reviewer

"The author does have a way with building up a tornado that some of us call the climax and so as a reader I always had an ice-cold grip clutching my heart to tell me that something deliberately drastic is about to happen.The writer has done enough research to give us a two to three page synopsis of all the conflicts that have been covered."

Arvind Passey, Blogger and Book Reviewer

"Kudos to the author for managing this feat so brilliantly. She has raised the bar for herself with this one and she is definitely one to look out for. ( For me she is into the category of authors whose book can be bought without even reading the blurb, you will surely not be disappointed!) Surely a recommended read for each one out there, just don't miss out on the warning - Not a light read :)"

Privy Trifles, Blogger and Book Reviewer

"I RECOMMEND, this brilliant work of art for all who care for humanity and peace, a reader who is willing to devote some time to think of the things that needs change in our world. In the author’s own words, ‘The quintessence of the book lies in the fact that there is hope, and that we can turn the world around.’ Kirthi Jayakumar has a voice to look out for in the future. I am a fan, I declare!"

Rhiti Bose, Founder, Incredible Woman of India

"This will make you think, question and feel. Every chapter is built around a real incident but unlike news reading small threads of emotions are weaved in  - making you one with the story, however much you might hate it. How many of us have flicked through the news when the Peshawar killing took place. Now it has the pain of siblings woven into it. Hats off to you , Ms. Jayakumar."

Rubina Ramesh, Founder, The Book Club

"Kirthi’s writing is straight from the heart, and her passion for humanitarian causes oozes from every word. Each story is followed by a short essay, stating the history and the current situation on these conflicts and issues which are ravaging humanity across the globe. The essays and stories are quite well researched, and make the stories even more relatable."

 Radhika Maira Tabrez