Birds Of Prey

You wake up, parched and famished, at the bottom of a deep well—dark and dingy with the foul smell of excreta and rotting scars and no seeming way to escape—what do you do?This is the predicament that ex-ACP Anton Pinto faces when he reluctantly joins the investigation into the mysterious disappearances of men from affluent families of Mumbai. There is an inexplicable pattern behind the abductions and all suspicions point towards an old, physically-challenged, mysterious lady. Soon, Anton discovers that the seemingly unrelated men have one common link—the most popular and expensive international school in Mumbai.Following clues that span from schools and old-age homes to illegal dingy hospitals, Anton is led through a labyrinth of incest, abuse, torture and suffering, spanning decades. What secret does the school hide behind its gates? What was the undisclosed crime that is thirsty for justice? Will Anton be able to save the men? Will justice be served?

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"A dark and riveting read. Tells you about the sordid lies beneath the masks."

- Jitesh Pillai, Editor, Filmfare

“Archana Sarat's book is intriguing and talks about multilayers of human emotions. Well sketched characters make it further more interesting for readers. It's a perfect plot for a pacy thriller.”

- Ram Kamal Mukherjee, Author, Veteran Journalist and Film Critic

"This powerful story is like a dark serpent with enough twists and turns and thrills to keep you gasping for breath. While on the other it makes a stinging social comment that slaps and punches the reader waking him out of slumber. Grab it. Read it."

- Mahendra Jakhar, Screenwriter & Author

"Shaping youth into socially-conscious citizens, in a safe and nurturing environment, is an important responsibility for the society. Birds of Prey highlights what could happen if we fail to do that. The story pulled my heartstrings and made me think, question and ponder."

- Sai Prakash Leo Muthu, Chairman, Sairam Group of Institutions

"Birds of Prey carries the untold stories of what happens to innocent children who are abused at their tender age making them carry the psychological trauma all through their lives.  An eye-opener for parents to be on guard for their young ones. Wish there could be many more police officers like Anton Pinto. Do read this ferocious tale that carries us through a multitude of moments of wonder, pity and terror"

- D G Rajan, Director, Balaji Telefilms

"Birds of Prey is a book that you can't put down once you have begun. Swarna will keep haunting you long after you finish the book. Archana's prose captivates and flows smoothly through the pages. A must read for all thriller-lovers"

- Walter Philips, Actor