Defiant Dreams - Tales Of Everyday Divas

Defiant Dreams: Tales of Everyday Divas is a collection of twenty-four stories handpicked through a nationwide contest. More than a book, it is a collage of love and patience, courage and determination. Between the pages is a chronicle of dreams that refuse to be crushed by the heel of Life’s injustices. The tales are portraits of ordinary women—mothers, daughters, brides-to-be and wives --- rising to extraordinary challenges; women who transformed themselves into mistresses of their own destinies. From the lanes of Banaras to the hills of Assam, from urban landscapes to rural settings, these incredible women are here to inspire.

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Given the title of this book, it did not surprise me that the 24 female protagonists of DEFIANT DREAMS are all heroines, each in their own way, defying cultural, religious and familial conventions to improve their lot. What did take me entirely unawares was the sheer diversity of the stories in this expertly written and curated collection. Through this anthology, the reader enters a world where a single woman living alone can be persecuted as a witch, where the marriage of a female child is deemed more important than her education and she is valued only as a piece of property by her husband and his family, where – for a woman - the idea of self-fulfillment beyond simple survival and the avoidance of starvation often seems impossible. Yet the common thread throughout these compellingly realistic tales is one of perseverance and courage – resilience that lights up every page of even the darkest experience. Each writer has uniquely brought to life their own take on the book’s theme – reaching down to the depths of despair where hope is born. Not the cock-eyed optimism of fairy tales but the determined placement of one foot ahead of another on the path to freedom.

Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to feel their heart stretch to contain the beauty, pathos and yes – defiance – of these Everyday Divas.

- Joyce Yarrow

Defiant Dreams is a strong collection about Indian women’s challenges.

- Jean Sprakar

Brilliant work by all the authors to bring women's life,issues and joys to us. Some great work from parts of forgotten parts of India. Great editorial work!! Read this for sure.

- Sakya Dasgupta