Out with Lanterns is not just a story about love. It is a tale about the tumultuous journey life sends us on. Armed with lanterns, we try to navigate our way through a path ridden with complexities, questions and undefinable emotions. And if we’re really lucky, we can find our way out of the darkness towards self-discovery and acceptance. Karin Mehra, a mother of two, is happily married to Raoul. Yet she feels empty and getting older adds to her alienation, stirring up trouble in her mind and marriage. In a chance encounter, she meets the younger and charismatic Aksh Soni, a successful writer, who is in a complicated, long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Sia. Drawn towards each other, despite all that is at stake, Karin and Aksh lose themselves in a secret world of their own. The choices facing them are difficult. Should they hurt the ones who love them for the beguiling promise of an ideal relationship sizzling with cerebral chemistry? The nuances of life and love are not black and white. There are no heroes and no villains. Are those boundaries too heavy a price we pay for being but human?