Twilight's Children

Twenty-three writers lend their voice to Twilight’s Children and their caregivers creating a new normal within each piece of writing.Is a person with disabilities rewarded for his bravery or overlooked? Can a parent make the rational decision to send a differently-abled child away? How does a typical sibling cope with always being second best? Does love come for them or is it coated in deceit? What does it feel like to have your desires and pain locked inside your own mind? The book explores many such dilemmas and a range of human experiences full of compassion, love, perseverance, victory and strength is exposed.This book is an attempt to increase the awareness around people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with an objective to drive sensitization to their exclusion from all the important aspects of mainstream life namely - education, employment and community. This effort is in conjuncture with the Inclusive India Initiative - National Trust.

Price: INR 295