Revolt of The Lamebren

What if you are born with a termination date? Would you be ready to die at sixteen? In the Super-Dome of the future, Altklugs are born with the super-knowledge and efficiency of 6.25 human years, in their one year.Zinnia is one of the Lamebren, normal humans missing the ace inputs in this world. As she and others like her grapple with their clipped, carefully monitored and suffocating life in the Super-Dome, they face the looming threat of their termination dates.Startling events and unexpected dark secrets reveal the decay, cruel intentions and repercussions of the Altklug world, making Zinnia realise that it is up to her to challenge their pre-decided destiny.Through a vortex of extreme adversities and life-threatening danger as well as painful self-realisation, Zinnia bravely fights the world of the Altklugs for justice and equality.Would she and her friends win the fight for the survival of the Lamebren and beat their termination dates?Revolt of the Lamebren, the first book in the Super-Dome Chronicles saga, is Zinnia’s daring and exciting journey of survival.

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