The Anatomy of Choice

Is choice really a possibility for women?Bhavya, the second daughter of the Sharma family, has made her life in Paris with Tenzin, her live-in partner. As the flame of their love starts to dwindle, they act on a fantasy only to realise that they are ill-equipped to handle the consequences of their choices. Bhavya returns to her Haveli in Delhi unwilling to bend to Tenzin’s demand of letting the past remain where it belongs…in the past. As she navigates the intimate, familial and societal realms trying to find herself, her family supports her silently despite having their own misgivings on her return.In the course of finding a solution to her turmoil, she discovers the journal of a 16th century courtesan Noorie, who struggled with her own destiny. As Bhavya delves deeper into Noorie’s world, she finds her own indecision juxtaposing with the angst of a woman born much before her time. She is forced to examine and finds parallels in the unconventional love and relationships that stretches across centuries and own up to the decisions that affect her life. Will Bhavya be able to work out the snarls in her relationship or will the consequence of the taboo liaison mark her forever?

Price: INR 295