Rudraksha, When Gods Came Calling is an attempt to bring together tales from across the vast length and breadth of India, a land that is steeped in mythology. It is about gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, ancient folklore and tales that abound in every village. Some of these are oft-heard stories. Some have seldom gone around. Some are spoofs. Some are parodies. They walk the ancient India or sound the chimes of modern India. From the celestial love of Shiva-Parvati, to the raging avatar of Kalki, from myths and legends of Brahmaputra to the stories of the Mahabharata, Rudraksha has it all. And there is more. Reading spoofs on present day icons provide high entertainment as do the satirical twists parodying modern issues; all through the perspective of mythology. This mélange of mythological tales is sure to leave you spellbound with anticipation even as ancient sagas jump out of the pages through modern retelling. They bind the real world with surreal myths and bring to you an anthology that is unique and entertaining.


"Ultimately, the books shows the hidden human sides of the gods and the hidden godly sides of the humans, which in itself is no easy feat. I’d describe this collection of mythological short stories as alike to those delightful bags of spicy Indian snacks. Filled with various nuts, bits and pieces, some a little bitter, some slightly sweet, some astonishingly hot, some crunchy and some soft, some round and puffed up and some small slender sticks. Each bite is a difficult to define mix of flavours, and no bite the same, although there is an overall sensation of satisfaction."

- Devika Fernando
Author and Blogger

"This one by Readomania is a must read if you like reading mythology and folklore. And I must say that the book cover is simply gorgeous and perfect for the theme."

- Sundari Venkatraman
Author & Blogger