An abducted woman trapped on an island is given a chance to escape, provided she tells stories emerging from the stories her intriguing abductor tells her. Clueless about why she is being forced to participate in this game of Russian Matryoshka Dolls, the woman, a bestselling author, decides to play along. And therein begins a thrilling tale narrated by an island. Of a man and woman consumed by the power of their imagination and truth, even as the stakes are gradually raised. Soon the only way out is in – into the past, heart and mind. The island is ready to confess. Are you ready for the truth?


“A new literary voice is always welcome, and Ayan justifies his presence in this domain with an exciting debut.”

-- Bickram Ghosh
 Performer, Composer, Percussionist, contributor to 4 Grammy nominated and 1 Grammy winning album

“A man, a woman and a beautiful South East Asian Island - a backdrop which is perfect for a Mills and Boon romance. But here lies the difference. The promising and talented young author Ayan Pal doesn’t walk the beaten track, instead he gifts his readers a well-crafted spine-chilling story.”

-- Suchandra Chowdhury
Lyricist, actress, former programme executive – Doordarshan

“Bold, experimental and honest, Confessions on an Island is an entertaining book.”

-- Kulpreet Yadav
Author, founder – Open Road Review

Confessions on an Island is a psychological thriller that sees author Ayan Pal weave a tale of suspense rooted in human behaviour theories. He is a dexterous storyteller whose characters present a literary jigsaw that turns this into a gripping novel.”

-- Philip Milano
 Founder – The Bookcase Project