A corpse lay in the garden of an old brick house situated in the tranquil upmarket Civil Lines of Delhi in the 1970s. Who is responsible for the death? Spanning four decades from the mid-1970s to the present day, Staring at the Square Moon tells the story of four women whose lives come together in early childhood. They develop special bonds that always connect them even when their lives get disassociated as each follows her own destiny. Each one of them grapples with her past, sometimes thriving, sometimes floundering, always confronting and struggling with the aftermath and consequences of abuse that lurk just beneath the surface threatening to overwhelm and destroy their lives. Will they be defeated by their dark past or will they be able to overcome it? A peek into the world of abuse that comes in many guises from blatantly brazen sexual and physical abuse to furtively sneaky psychological and emotional abuse that leave agonising scars that are indelible, forever haunting and influencing a woman’s mind.