Readomania has selected, from a vast array of tales, the more vivacious strands to weave a psychedelic fabric that wraps around you.The Chronicles… have been segmented into a pair of anthologies; Imagine encompasses renderings that raise the bar of human imagination to new peaks. Personification gets a new makeover as sarees, diaries, human organs, rings, souls, cameras and even a paranormal entity give animated expressions to their views about the human world. Each instance transports the reader to a different realm. Musings are just that; uninhibited, passionate, and reflective. An ingenious medley of pathos, romance, introspection, suspense, thrills, deceit that surfs you up the emotional breakers and down the depressive troughs. Readers will find themselves in grieving parents, disillusioned spouses, ecstatic lovers, self-absorbed progeny, and guilt-ridden friends. The empathy is instant; reflexive; responsive. The impact---a punch in the solar plexus. Chronicles of Urban Nomads lays on a repertoire which is classic yet contemporary. The magnetism is imperceptible yet absolute. The telling is racy, in easy-going syntax, staging life-size protagonists in action and emotive roles. Yet it doesn’t fault on the human face of Life. Romance, drama, action, thrill, and mystery abound, meticulously crafted by nineteen emerging stars of the literary world, and edited by a seasoned hand from the industry.


"A short story is, often, the toughest form of storytelling. It has to be concise, yet replete with just enough detail; not too long winding, yet not too short. And when it comes to an anthology of short stories that need to be bound under a theme, the rules become stricter. Each story has to complement the other and yet hold its own.

Well, as it happens,  Chronicles of Urban Nomads  checks all of these boxes and more. "

- The Hindu

The Chronicles of Urban Nomads is a book that is not to be missed. True, there are innumerable anthologies cramming the market. However, COUN stands out for the multitude of emotions, issues, cultures and genres brought in a single book. And that is a treasure worth its weight in gold!

- The WingedPost

"Readomania’s ‘Chronicles of Urban Nomads’ is a good read and often an enriching one. The collection takes us not only into the multiple crevices of human relationships and human mind, but also reveals to us the painful existence and the burden of metropolitan existence."

 - Spectral Hues